Michigan Central Station, designed by the same architects  behind New York City's Grand Central Terminal, boasts stunning Beaux-Arts architecture

When it opened its doors in 1913, Michigan Central Station was the tallest train station in the world, towering over the Detroit skyline.

Beneath the station lies a network of underground tunnels, rumored to have been used for various purposes during its heyday.

Michigan Central Station once welcomed British royalty,  including Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Margaret, during their visit to Detroit in 1975.

 During World War II,  the station played a crucial role in transporting troops and supplies, earning it the nickname "America's Arsenal of Democracy."

Amidst its grandeur,  Michigan Central Station features intricate Art Deco details, adding to its timeless elegance

After years of decline, Michigan Central Station closed its doors in 1988, becoming a symbol of Detroit's urban decay

The station has been featured in numerous films  and television shows, serving as a backdrop for iconic scenes in Hollywood history

Despite its derelict state,  Michigan Central Station continues to attract urban explorers and photographers from around the world

Over the years, various community groups  and preservationists have advocated for the restoration and preservation of Michigan Central Station

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