There are two types of wheels i.e. spoke and alloy wheels. The alloy wheels are also called cast wheels, since they are manufactured by casting process. Earlier  all the motorcycles used to have spoke wheels but latter the alloy wheels became so popular that almost all the wheels started to be made alloy type. In spite of, alloy wheels being so popular the spoke wheels continued to be used in some classic and off-road bikes. Lets compare the both on the basis of some factors.

Spoke Vs Alloy Wheel
Cast wheels

The cast wheels are generally made from Aluminium and magnesium alloys. They are comparatively brittle and light weight. While the spoke wheels are generally made from steel. Steels are flexible and have high toughness. Some wheels also have combination of aluminium rim and steel spokes.

Spoke Vs Alloy Wheel
Spoke wheel
The spoke wheels are generally more durable than the cast wheels. This is the reason why most of the off road bikes have spoke wheels. They are flexible and can tolerate road shocks easily. While the cast wheels are generally brittle and they can not tolerate heavy jerks in off-road conditions.

Spoke Vs alloy wheels

The spoke wheels are difficult to clean while alloy wheels can be cleaned easily. That’s why spoke wheels have higher chances of corrosion due to accumulation dirt on their surface. When it comes to repairing, spoke wheels can very easily be repaired. You have to just replace some broken or bent spokes. The case with the cast wheels is totally opposite, they can not be repaired once they break.

Spoke Vs alloy wheels

Looks and styling

Difference between spoke and cast wheels

The alloy wheels have a versatile look. They can be casted in various shapes and styles. The spoke wheels lag behind the cast wheels in terms of styling. However they look cool on classic motorcycles .


Difference between spoke and cast wheels
The cast wheels have comparatively less weight when compared with spoke wheels. Hence they are easy to handle and are used in sports bikes. They decrease the over all weight of bike and also eases the handling.

Ease of using tubeless tyres
In spoke wheels spokes are fitted by puncturing the rim, so the air may leak from the joints. The cast wheels are suitable for tubeless tyres as they are casted as a whole piece and do not contain any joint or hole. 

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